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Two new German Tanks for Flames of War, the Ersatz Panther and Ersatz StuG

Battlefront has a pair of new German tanks available over on their website. They're the ersatz versions of the Panther and the StuG.

From the update:

In preparation for the Ardennes offensive, Hitler had given Otto Skorzeny and his commandos the task of infiltrating American positions to capture key bridges and create as much general havoc behind enemy lines as possible.

A vital part of any success Panzer Brigade 150 would enjoy would be its equipment; all American in origin. However, upon inspection, Skorzeny was less than impressed. In the collection sent, there were no operational armoured vehicles other than a few armoured cars; no tanks whatsoever. To beef up the numbers, Skorzeny was able to acquired five Panthers tanks and StuG III G assault guns.

Orders were given to disguise the Panthers to resemble the American M10 tank destroyer while the StuG III G were intended to look like the M7 Priest. All of the vehicles were painted green and given large white stars to complete the illusion. While the vehicles were far from convincing, Skorzeny at least now had the numbers he required to secure a route to the Meuse.