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Two new foes arrive for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Warlord Games adds to the colorful cast of characters with the Judda and the Klegg Invasion Force. Far removed from the gritty world of the most recent Dredd movie, these figures are all rather garish in their appearance. The Judda, a group of cloned judges, sport wild versions of the standard judge gear. And the Klegg, a group of rampaging gator/dinosaur-men, are sure to bring along their klegghounds, with them to battle.

These two sets are now available, with their rules in the new Blood on the Streets supplement.


From the website:

With the release of the new Judge Dredd supplement – Blood on the Streets – we also have two fantastic new boxed sets: the Judda and the Klegg Invasion Force.

During the aftermath of the Atomic Wars, Mega-City One was close to becoming ungovernable in the wake of the destruction and growing civil unrest. Judd saw his chance to take his work to its logical conclusion – if Judges were being cloned, then why not the citizens too? An entire populace could be created that was servile, obedient and docile. It was Father of Justice, Judge Fargo who caused the idea to be rejected, citing it was the duty of the Judges to serve the citizens, not the other way round. Judd attempted to assassinate Fargo but failed, and he and his followers were scheduled for execution. However, they managed to escape and fled Mega-City One with valuable genetic material.

Presumed dead, Judd resurfaced forty years later in the Radback of Australia where he and his followers had built a secret base within Ayers Rock. Inside, they had been creating their own force of Judges from the stolen genetic material, an army known as the Judda.

Though drawn from the genetic material of Mega-City One’s best Judges, the Judda have long since left the path of Law and order. A force of Judda can face even the full strength of the Justice Department on better than even terms. What they lack in range and flexibility, they more than make up for with the ability to teleport around the battlefield and deliver devastating attacks from nowhere.

The boxed set contains Morton Judd and 4 Judda models in metal.

Kleggs are most famous in Mega-City One for their use by Chief Judge Cal in suppressing the rebellious population through sheer terror. However, Kleggs are well known throughout the galaxy for being particularly vicious mercenaries. Willing to fight for anyone, they demand nothing more than fresh meat from their employers who will usually supply this from the enemies the Kleggs are crushing. It is an easy arrangement that usually suits both parties.

These mercenary bands roam the galaxy, looking for anyone disreputable enough to hire them. When business grows thin, they will quite happily invade a town, city or entire world on their own time, terrorising the local population before eating them. This is when the mercenaries become an invasion force.

Containing the following metal models, the Klegg Invasion Force is a powrful foe to face:
-Grampus, Klegg Leader
-Klegg with Bludgeon Gun
-Klegg with flamethrower
-3 Klegghounds

Rules for recruiting a Klegg Gang, or the notorious Judda can be found in the brand new ‘Blood on the Streets’ Judge Dredd Supplement – head over to the webstore and grab a copy now!