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Two New Fluxx Variants Coming This Summer

Fluxx is the game with the simple rules where you don't know how you win at the start. The rules are always changing every time someone plays a card. Whether it's changing how many cards you draw or play, to how many you can have in your hand, to figuring out actually how to stop the crazy merry-go-round that you're on. Well, two new versions are coming this summer and you can play them and pick up some promos for them at some of the biggest conventions of the year.

Looney Labs will be headed to San Diego Comic Con and Gen Con over the next couple months and they'd love to see you at their booth. They'll be letting you try out both Adventure Time Fluxx and Batman Fluxx and will have various promo cards for them. Plus, you know, the potential to play with the game's creators, which is also pretty sweet. So if you'll be at either of those shows, be sure to stop by and say, "Hey."