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Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV now available

2011 brings new episodes of ReaperMinisTV.

From their announcement:
Welcome to 2011 everyone,

You can ring in the New Year with two new videos from ReaperMinisTV.

In episode 051 we crack open several large blisters starting off with a Brood Dragon, a Dark Heaven Legends release, and the move on to SKadi – Goddess of the Dwarves for the Kragmarr faction of dwarfs in Warlord, and then get to see Sirithis – Succubus Warrior and then finish up with a Half Orc Assassin from the Pathfinder line of figures.

Then over in episode 052 we start off with a bunch of Chronoscope figs (Government Agents Jones and Smith, Frank Buck – Adventurer, Thugee Cultist, Krampus, Twister – Female Superhero) and then look at a couple additions (Luta – Rageclaw Shaman and a Shadow Tracker) to the Koborolas army for Warlord and then finish up with a new Pathrinder (Keketar Protean) release.

Thanks for watching.

Mark, RMTV