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Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV available

There are two new episodes of the ReaperMinisTV vidcast available for viewing. From their announcement:
We have a bunch of new figures to review in the two latest episodes of ReaperMinisTV. In episode 065 we see figures from the following lines: Pathfinder (The Stag Lord and Nakayama Hyato-Samurai), Warlord (Darkrime Drake), Chronoscope (Alien Invaders, Lord of the Jungle), P-65 (Sokar's Avatar and Goldar the Barbarian). Then, in episode 0655 get to see several new Savage Worlds releases (Huckster, Texas Ranger, Gunslinger, US Agent, and Female Mad Scientist), Chronoscope (Victoria Jacobs-Cowgirl and Steampunk Witch) and then Dark Heaven Legends (Leprechaun and Owl). Hope you enjoy Mark, RMTV