Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV available

ReaperMinisTV have posted two new episodes of their vidcast.

From their announcement:

Hello folks,

There are two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV now available over at

In episode 073 we see lots of new minis from several of Reaper’s miniature including P-65 [Spell Effects: Fire and Ice and a Foo Dog], Chronoscope [Weapons Pack III], Dark Heaven Legends [Hordlings and an Astral Mauler] and Savage Worlds [Revered Grimme, Raven, Dr Darius Hellstromme and Stone].

And then over in episode 074 we take a look at some more new releases from Reaper, including Dark Heaven Legends [Skalathrix – Vulture Demon, Sabretooth Tiger, Dulkathar – Necromancer], Pathfinder [Velmarius Elazarin, Eccardian Drovenge, and Gray Gardener], and Warlord [Orc Warbringer].

Mark, RMTV