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Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV are available

ReaperMinisTV have posted two new episodes of their vidcast. From their announcement:
Hello everyone, There are two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV for your viewing pleasure. To start off episode 059 we take a look at ReaperCon 2011 that's coming up in May and then get caught up on some Pathfinder releases (Alma - Merchant Princess, Harrower, Mystic Theurge, Nature Warden and Mites) before finishing up with a P-65 (Qualanar - Wizard) release. In episode 060 we look at a bunch of Chronoscope (Bathalian Drone, Sheila Silver - Cowgirl, The Black Mist, Cyborg Parts, and Alien Parasite and Host) figures, a pack from the Dark Heaven Legends (Lizardmen set I) line and a single Warlord (Majestrix Latissula) release. In the near future we’ll be bringing you a Warlord battle report and footage direct from ReaperCon 2011. See you soon. Thanks, Mark, RMTV