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Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV are available

ReaperMinisTV have new episodes available for viewing. From their announcement:
Hello everyone, Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV are available over at In episode 058 we look at new releases from the Dark Heaven Legends (Gerrin Goblinkicker, Lorgun Duneflint, Thurge Threeforge, and a Witch), Chronoscope (Futuristic Heroine Bonnie, Tommy the Wolf Man and Zombie Strippers) and Warlord (Spirit Wolf) lines of miniatures. In episode 057 we look at figures from the P-65 (Skorg Ironskull), Warlord (Sildoran Protector and Barbarian Axeman of Icingstead), Pathfinder (Low Templar), Dark Heaven Legends (Twyla and Fire Beetles), and Chronoscope (Silver Marksman and Orangutango) lines of figures. More new reviews are coming soon and we’re also working on a full-blown Warlord battle report pitting my recently finished Razig (Undead Pirates) army against the Reven (made up of Ogres and Bugbears). Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching. Mark, RMTV