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Two New Descent Previews From Fantasy Flight Games

Two different previews for you today from Fantasy Flight Games for Descent. One's a new Heroes and Monster pack, while the other heats things up a little with a campaign utilizing the Road to Legend app.


Starting with the physical, there's the Shards of Everdark Heroes and Monsters pack. This set, like others before it, brings several 1st-edition characters to your 2nd-edition games. Though not everything in this set is just an updated version of heroes and monsters. There's also a new monster group: Dark Minotaurs.


Moving to the realm of the digital, those that have downloaded the Road to Legend app can look forward to a new campaign. Kindred Fire expands on what you got a taste of with the Rise of All Goblins mini-campaign that the app originally came with. As the app lets you play cooperatively, this new campaign will let you all join in together to deal with the fiery evils, along with 6 bonus quests.

Shards of Everdark Source
Kindred Fire