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Two New DC HeroClix Previews from WizKids

WizKids delves once more into the Justice League Trinity War with another pair of previews. On one side they've got I, Vampire, who doesn't get KOed when you get to his KO line (if you buy the upgraded version). On the other side, they've got Tim Hunter, who is one of the most powerful wizards (potentially), and shows it by being able to use quite a few special abilities in his attack slot.


From the preview:

The DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War previews continue with two denizens of the supernatural corner of the New 52 universe. First up is the sometimes leader of all vampires, Andrew Bennett, occasionally known as I, Vampire.
And now that we’ve looked at an ageless demon, let’s turn to one of the younger members of the mystical community, Tim Hunter!