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Two New Bushido Previews Posted by GCT Studios

GCT Studios is doubling up on the Bushido previews today. Wave 27 is nearly upon us and so it's time to give a look at some more minis that'll be in it. Two ends of the battle spectrum are on display in this one. On one side, you've got a melee-only commander. On the other, you've got a rank-and-file archer whose battlecry is probably "Not the face!" if an enemy gets up and close to him.

As you can see, the melee-leader is Iiju Makoto. The Prefecture once more shows off its military hierarchy and how their competent leaders can gain every bit of energy from those under their charge. Meanwhile, the Ito Clan gets the Okyo Archer, a fairly cheap figure who can spend some energy to pull back for an extra-long shot from time to time.