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Two New Blood Bowl Players Available To Order From Forge World

Forge World is once more letting you expand your Blood Bowl rosters. This time, it's the Skaven that are getting some love in the form of their Rat Ogre (you're gonna need a bigger mouse trap). And an old fan favorite once more returns to the pitch. Griff Oberwald has a new figure that you can order as well.

From the releases:

Oberwald’s qualities are those of the classic Blood Bowl hero. He’s tall, superfit and strong, with a grace and co-ordination that can leave most other players standing. Instantly recognisable across a murky Blood Bowl field by the splattering of gore across his kit, Oberwald cuts a very dashing figure and it’s no surprise the girls go wild when he has the ball in his capable hands.

When Skaven teams want to add a bit of punch to their line-up, the most popular option is to recruit a Rat Ogre. Created through an unholy combination of selective breeding, dark sorcery and warpstone-enhanced surgery, these monstrous brutes stand twice the height of their team-mates. Their crushing fists, razor-sharp fangs and single-minded devotion to slaughtering anything that isn't wearing their team's colours make them a real asset on the pitch. Coaches should be warned that training a rat ogre to pick up a ball is unlikely to go well, and indeed, getting one to do anything other than rip opposing players to shreds is always going to be a challenge. But then, that's what the rest of the team's for, right?