Two New 54mm Fantasy Figures Available to order from Terragnosis

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Jul 3rd, 2013

Terragnosis has two more of their 54mm models available to order (one pre-order, to be fair) from their webshop.

From the announcement:

Terragnosis have announced that their ‘Traveller’ figure is now available for pre-order. This wandering mercenary warrior is an expert with the war-hammer and a formidable opponent. Pre-ordering now will get you a considerable discount!

Also new is another female warrior – Erica Stormshield. Erica is now available for purchase from the on-line store.

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  • Why don’t they show pics of the figures instead or digital renders?

    • Soulfinger

      Because then they would be liable for damages when the photos BLOW YOUR MIND. Their physical form can not be photographed on account of the blinding light that emanates from them. Looking at the actual figures is like that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where the Nazis faces melt off, so they come packaged with a special set of sunglasses, like the ones Roddy Piper wore in “They Live,” just so you can look at them long enough to put a crappy paint job on them to dull the effect. As with the movie, the sunglasses also allow you to spot aliens, which is why they are standard issue with the border patrol. Twenty-six playtesters died getting this game ready for production, so it is also possible that any figure you order may be possessed by the soul of a morbidly obese nerd, who will use your Internet browser to search for hentai while you sleep. Alternately, there is a special edition figure that is possessed by the devil, who likewise spends most of his time browsing hentai.