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Two Hour Wargames release Heroes of the Arena rules

Red Sand Blue Sky coverTwo Hour Wargames have released their Red Sand Blue Sky - Heroes of the Arena gladiator rules. From their website:
Just saying the word conjures up visions of vicious combat between desperate men who fought to the death for the amusement of the crowd. These games of death, originally started to honor the dead (the munus), began in 264 BC and continued through the Roman Empire in one form or another for over 900 years until abolished in 681 AD. Now with Red Sands Blue Sky - Heroes of the Arena you can recreate the glory and splendor of these games on three levels. As a gladiator you fight your way through the Empire in hopes of reaching the Colosseum in Rome and perhaps the ultimate glory, the wooden sword of freedom, the rudis. Or perhaps you would rather be a lanista, the trainer or manager of gladiators forming your own troupe or familia gladiatoria.. And the third way to play Red Sand Blue Sky - Heroes of the Arena is as the owner of a ludus or gladiator school seeking to reach the ultimate honor, a school in Rome herself. Inside you'll find:
  • A full color arena and gladiator counters to fight your matches.
  • Rules to create your gladiators and fight their matches.
  • Six different gladiatorial fighting styles.
  • Over 36 pre-generated gladiators and rules to generate more.
  • Four different Locales to fight in from the Fringes of the Empire to the Colosseum itself.
  • Campaign rules that cover every aspect of the business of running a gladiator school