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Two Hour Wargames having a sale later this week

Two Hour Wargames will be having a sale later this week. Be sure to get in on it and get yourself some games for cheaper than usual.

From the sales sheet:

We got it right this time!
We didn't advertise the last 20% off sale but this time we were ready.
Use the coupon code below


between Thursday the 15th and Sunday the 18th and receive 20% off of your entire order.
It's a good time to catch up with our newest titles like And a Bottle of Rum or to get you started with Two Hour Wargames.
All of our games can be played solo, same side against the game mechanics or head to head against your friends.
Two Hour Wargames – A complete line of 40+ games covering ten or more time periods and genres with both RPG and wargames.
Fifteen years and still going strong!