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Two contests from Secret Weapon

Secret Weapon Miniatures have posted details on two contests they are running. From their announcement:
I had announced awhile back that there would be a skull themed contest, in celebration of the glory and wonder that is the "Sack O' Skulls," and I'm happy to say that I'm finally ready to launch The Things Made From Bones Contest. But wait, that doesn't say skulls... and that's right. This contest will include any use of Secret Weapon bone products. Entries will be accepted through Tuesday, 31-May. Each entry may include up to three 800x600 photos. Any model, including terrain, scratch-built models, detailing or conversions, is eligible but must, obviously, include detailing from the Secret Weapon "Sack O' Skulls," human or buffalo skeletons. There is no limit to the number of entries you can make. Voting will take place on the Secret Weapon blog for one week after the entries are posted. Email your photos to misterjustin at Secret Weapon Miniatures. The winner will receive a $50 Secret Weapon gift voucher and find their entry on the front page of the Secret Weapon website.
Check out their website for full details.