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Twisting Catacombs busting stretch goals

Zealot Miniatures has been heading through stretch goals regularly over on their Twisting Catacombs Kickstarter campaign.

Dungeon Bunny


From the campaign:

All evil games masters, need a good set of torture equipment! For the £40k stretch goals, we have unlocked 3 fiendishly nasty contraptions, FREE at Tier 4! Make sure that captured adventurers regret the day they chose to try and loot your dungeon!

Its getting close to the half way point in the campaign! (half way? what a lot of choice for half way!) And that means its about time we showed off more castings and prototypes of the finished miniatures!

So in the spirit of wonderful backer involvement; you can choose what you want to see prototyped next :D There are a few options, so take your pick an choose what will arrive in the next few days!