Twilight at Salute

Commanderleft.jpgMike Thorpe has posted details of his plans for the Twilight fantasy game at Salute 2010.

From his announcement:
Twilight was launched one year ago at Salute with the help of Hasslefree Miniatures and a borrowed table. Twilight has continued to grow over the last year, and we decided to have our own stand this year so we can properly show off the range. We’ve got a demo game showcasing some of the new Delgon forces hunting down a tribe of Devanu, as well as a few new releases and a bunch of pre-release master castings of models that will not be on full release for a few months.

We are going to have a bunch of special offers and we’ve set up a page on with pictures of all the releases and full details of all the deals.

I hope you will come along and say hi, look at the crazy miniatures, and see how much the range has grown.

New Stuff
• Commander Brenar: First up, a new character for the Empire Fubarnii. Brenar is a retired knight, who now commands his local Militia. £3.50
• Enuk: The Empire Fubarnii have also acquired some new livestock with two new unbridled Enuk. Unbridled Enuk: £3. Unbridled Enuk Nobilis: £3.50
• Derak Blast Template: Laser Cut plywood template for the Derak. £2

Prerelease Models
• Arak Katain: Arak Katain is a particularly large and nasty Devanu, who will have his own special rules, but for the moment can simply be used as a Devanu Kopa. £9
• Kosok: The Kosok are trained by the Devanu as hunting beasts, swooping down on small prey, such as the Fubarnii. For the moment the Kosok is sold with the flying stand. £6
• Fubarnii Youngsters: I fancied expanding the range of civilians a bit and sculpted two youngsters – one who is old enough to be an apprentice and another who is still cuddling a soft toy. Mark Craggs also added a little pet to the range. The three models are sold as a set for £7. I’ve got some 25mm resin DS bases if anybody would like to have one for the youngster as he is a bit swamped on a standard base.
• Mounted Trader: This Trader is another civilian to accompany the trade caravan. £5
• Yirnak: The hairy Yirnak are employed by the Dhogu as mounts or packbeasts. Later this year I’ll be expanding on the Dhogu as allies for the Delgon or northern Empire clans, but this is a bit of a sneak peak of what I’m planning. £6