Twelve Elements of War Digital Rulebook now available

Sword & Board Games now has their Twelve Elements of War rulebook available for download from their webshop.

12 Elements of War


From the website:

A bit of a run down for you of what’s inside the now completed book.

*Its 160 pages
*It has printable tokens and warband rosters in the back.
*It contains lore and warband lists for the first five factions we hope to release as well as 6 ‘Heroes for Hire’ (characters/Mercenaries type of warrior). The factions include:

• The elite soldiers of Highguard, vying to restore their city-state to its former glory.
• The tough, guerrilla warriors of the Mining Guild, seeking to control valuable mineral resources across the continent.
• The Geniocracy of Toth, who strive to expand their knowledge of technology, science and magic – by sword’s edge if need be.
• The sorcerers of the Shadow Hold, adepts at runic magic, and served by thrall workers and brainwashed fighters. They scour the land for lost runic artefacts and raid other factions to capture slaves.
• The stern Keepers of Talon Crag Citadel, who have vowed to the gods to hunt down all who dare toy with the more dangerous aspects of runic magic.

*Lots of lore for the fluff fanatics. It contains the history of the Eastlands, detailing its formation, gods, factions, races, politics and the secret conflict that is now being waged across it. (As well as a few short stories thrown in for good measure.) It also has hints on what may be in s tore for the future.

Dont forget our Kickstarter reboot starts on the 1st of June.