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Turn your non-gamer friends into One of Us with Homebrood

Homebrood is a new RPG that's up on Kickstarter and looking for funding. It's designed to be a game system to help bring non-gamers into the fold.


From the campaign:

Have you ever wanted to get your friends and family into table top role playing games? Homebrood is designed from the ground up to get new and reluctant players into the action! With simple but effective rules, it feels comfortable for new players and familiar for old ones. Conflict resolution is quick and to the point, and players work together to achieve objectives. These features combine to keep even the most easily-distracted players involved in the adventure.

I first began working on Homebrood in 2012 as a way of getting my Wife into table-top role playing games. While reviewing existing rules systems I was struck at how unfriendly most systems are to new players, especially to those who may not be interested in the game at all. I feel that the most important thing any game system can do is make new players feel welcome and comfortable.