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Turf War Z Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

You know, your home's your home, and you're not gonna let anyone take it from you. In Los Angeles, the various gangs consider their turf their home. They're not happy with anyone coming onto it without their permission, be it a rival gang, the law, or a bunch of walking undead. That's the theme behind Turf War Z, a new miniatures game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Turf War Z is set on the mean streets of L.A. at the start of what will become the zombie apocalypse, where the US government has started to wall off and quarantine large sections of the city to prevent further outbreaks...or so they say!

As the truth comes out people realise that the government is actually behind the outbreak, secretly and illegally testing new drugs on the population by working with the drug cartels to contaminate the street drug trade. Some of these experiments have resulted in the deaths and reanimation of their victims. More worrying are the newer cases of altered or mutated reanimates with terrifying abilities.

Set against this backdrop Turf War Z gives you control of one of the many street gangs or factions that have sprung up within the quarantine or "safe" zones. Whether you take control of the many Latino, Black or Biker gangs that have taken control of their local turf or one of the ad hoc LAPD or survivor gangs trying to protect their suburb at all costs, Turf War Z has something for everyone. We will be including the opening background section of the Turf War Z story via updates during the campaign.

The campaign is doing well, already 4x its funding goal (or thereabouts) with still 17 days left to go.