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Tudor Warfare supplement for Bad War at Saber's Edge

Tudor WarfareSaber's Edge is now selling PDF copies of the Tudor Warfare supplement for the Bad War historical rules by Stephen Dane. From their announcement: Tudor Warfare is the second supplement for Bad War - the Renaissance battle rules. As the title suggests, the armies and battles of the Tudor and Elizabethan wars are covered here. Inside, players can find army lists for the Anglo-Scottish Wars, as well as details for the Royal and Rebel armies of the Western Rebellion. Also featured is a French army list to provide opposition for Henry’s continental adventures. There are also details for the armies that fought in Ireland, both native Irish, “Old English” and the English Elizabethan army. Three scenarios are also included, for the battles of Flodden, Pinkie, and Yellow Ford. These detail the background, orders of battle, unit deployment and maps, and also provide unit cards for all of the participants in the battles. This period offers players the chance to fight a variety of battles, from the massed conflicts in the open terrain of the Scottish Wars to the smaller more chaotic encounters in the dense terrain of Ireland. It also takes players from the medieval weapons and tactics at the beginning of the sixteenth century, to the gradual introduction and eventual dominance of the firearm towards the end of the period. Whichever battles players choose to fight, they will find an interesting, enjoyable and often overlooked period of early modern warfare. $8.00 USD PDF (A4)