True Messiah Back Up On Kickstarter

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Words to live by. If you’ve got a dream, don’t let some setbacks totally kill it. The makers of True Messiah have faith in their game and they are going to get it made come hell or high water. They’ve got a new campaign with a new target and they’re giving it their all in this go-round.

From the campaign:

Inspired in part by the works of Zdzis?aw Beksi?ski, True Messiah’s art style represents a grim blend of religious symbolism and post-apocalyptic surrealism. Opening up the box, you’ll find not just a game, but a unique and beautiful visual experience:

an 18” x 18” quad-fold board with a lovely painted depiction of the wasteland
4 awesome messiah miniatures, each towering ~58mm tall over the board

The campaign’s a bit more than halfway to its goal with 10 days still on the clock.