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Trove: The Crystal Caverns Adventure Board Game On Kickstarter

I do so greatly enjoy asymmetrical games. Games such as NetRunner and the many board games that have an "all vs. 1" format, I feel, are almost like getting 2 games in one. For example, in NetRunner, you've got the Corporation trying to protect their information and advance their agendas, while the Runner is looking to hack into their systems and steal that information away. Well, the fellows over at Leder Games have taken that idea and expanded upon it. There's four different factions you can play, all with different ways to win, in Trove: The Crystal Caverns.

An ancient dragon has been asleep for decades, maybe centuries, in their cave hideout. In that time, goblins have crept in and created a little place of their own. So much time has passed, that even the cave seems to have started to get some plans put together. Now, a questing Knight is looking to slay the dragon and get away with its horde. That's the story going on in the game. Now, you'd think you'd either play as the heroes or as everything else against them. But that's not the way it works. You can play as the heroic Knight, or the Goblins, or the Dragon, or the Cave, itself.

Each of these factions has their own rules and way to win the game. The Knight must kill the Dragon. The goblins must kill the Knight. The Dragon must escape the cave. The Cave is looking to expand and then collapse on its intruding guests.

The campaign is well above their Kickstarter goal. They're working their way through the stretch goal list. If you want in on the action, you've got 12 more days to be a part.