Troublemaker Games makes it over funding goal in Indiegogo campaign, posts up stretch goals

Troublemaker Games has made it over their funding goal over on Indiegogo (Woot!) and they've posted up their stretch goal they hope to surpass next.

From the update:

Wow, what a crazy 24 hours!

We! Are! Funded!

This is a huge moment for us, to know that the first 6mm scale plastic scifi infantry models to be released in over a decade will be hitting the shelves in the not-too-distant future is simply amazing, and it’s humbling to us to know that you (the community) have chosen to get behind us in our dream to bring brand new tiny man-barbies to your gaming tables.

Thankyou everyone, for your trust and your confidence. We will do this for you.

Now, let’s chase down the Advanced version of the sprue, where everyone who’s already paid-in gets 20% more models for no extra cost!

£3500 here we come!