Troublemaker Games 6mm Crowdfunder Last Day

Troublemaker Games is in their final day for their 6mm Indiegogo campaign. They've made it through all their stretch goals, so if you want in, it's a pretty good deal on the littlest of little mans.


From the campaign:

Troublemaker Games have unlocked our final stretch goal for this campaign as we head into the last 24 hours.
The command echelons of Tusculum Novan armies require a vehicle that is part command centre, and part mobile battle fortress. Wrapped in multiple layers of reactive armour, equipped with advanced communications and jamming technology, protected by energy shields and armed with multiple defensive weapons, the Dictum Mobile Command Centre is the heart of a Novan army at war. Some Novan commanders have been known to request some of their command centre's spacious operations room be given over to the operation of a massive automatic petard cannon and seek out direct battle aboard their massive command vehicles, although this is not standard recommended practice at the orthodox Novan war academies.

The Dictum is a very large metal model kit, 5.8cm long, 3.6cm high, and 4cm wide.