Troublemaker Games 6mm Armies IndiegogoCampaign Passes First Stretch Goal

Troublemaker Games made it past their first stretch goal over on Indiegogo for their 6mm armies campaign.

From the update:

We’ve made it past £3500, so the Advanced Plastic Sprue is Funded!

But in practical terms, what does that mean?!

Well for starters, it means everyone who’s pledged for the 6mm scale Plastic Armies Boxes is now going to be receiving 20% more models, for free!

In addition, we’ve been able to open up four new pre-orders:

- Plastic Bases Sprues
- Churchillian Tanks
- Black Prince Tanks
- Alien Biker Gangs (they come with plastic bases)

We’ve also opened a new Perk type for the Alien Slaves (now named “Gobblers” after a fan bought the “Name The Slaves!” Perk) that includes the new plastic bases sprue.

As we take orders for the stretch goals, we’ll be able to put in some of the profits we make on them back into improving the plastic sprue. So once again, the more pre-orders we get, the better the plastic sprue will become!

We want to be able to offer extra troop types, like heavy weapons troopers, leaders, etc. on the plastic sprue, and whether you pre-order the Plastic Armies Box or Metal Stretch Goals, every purchase at this stage will help build towards that primary goal.

Thanks for your astounding continued support everyone!