Troublemaker Games 6mm Armies Indiegogo Stretch Goal: War Stalkers previewed

Troublemaker Games is showing off their War Stalkers 3D renders they've got as a stretch goal for their 6mm armies Indiegogo campaign.


From the announcement:

Cybershadows forces use War Stalker light mechs as part of their combat forces.

Each War Stalker can wield equivalent martial capability to a platoon of infantry or medium tanks, and when operating in hunting packs only Leviathan Stalkers can hope to oppose them for concentrated combat potential.

Cybershadows War Stalkers are 30mm tall to the cockpit window, and each set comes with the following components:
- 5x War Stalker Bodies & heads
- 4x Powered Claw Arms & 1x Electro-Sword Arm
- 5x Twin Snub Cannon Weapon Arms
- 1x Rotary Cannon, 1x Flame Thrower, 1x Rocket Launcher