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Trollish Delver Games Releases SHATTER6 RPG

Trollish Delver Games is pleased to announce the release of SHATTER6, their new universal role playing system. It doesn't use classes. Instead, players have Tags that loosely define what they are capable of doing. As they go along, they get more Tags. However, when taking damage, instead of losing HP, they'll lose Tags. So their combat abilities grow less and less with each hit. And that's just the start of all the different things going on in the game. You can pick up your copies now.

About the game:

Trollish Delver Games, creators of USR, Quill and English Eerie has launched SHATTER6, a new open minimalist roleplaying system under a creative commons license.

SHATTER6 was designed for over-the-top collaborative play, empowering players with the Rule of Cool - reducing book-keeping and allowing characters to pull off amazing feats of heroism using the shatterdice system.

The game contains no classes. Instead, players use tags to create their own flexible class. Instead of hit points, characters lose bonuses from attributes and cross tags from their character sheet until they must finally cross off their name.

SHATTER6 was created with a creative commons license, with its creator encouraging the community to hack it and produce new rules.

Scott Malthouse, founder of Trollish Delver Games, said: "SHATTER6 is all about turning the dial to 11, using a minimal ruleset that encourages creativity. Players are able to concoct some really cool characters using tags. For example, if I chose the tags survivalist, mighty and sorcerer, I might name my class a Hex Barbarian - part warlock, part hulking swordmaster.

"I wanted to keep SHATTER6 open for anyone to modify and sell. I see the game as an organic entity that will hopefully grow through the community."

SHATTER6 is pay what you want and available as a PDF through Drivethrurpg.