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Trollish Delver Games Releases Romance of the Perilous Land

The British Isles have quite a lot of folklore associated with them. Various tales of heroic individuals (that may or may not have actually existed) bring an already rich history of the land even more enchantment. Well, Trollish Delver Games has taken those takes and crafted them into an RPG game that you and your friends can use to put yourself in those stories. That game is Romance of the Perilous Land.

The book is a catch-all of what you need to get going. It uses the OSR rules, but with its own twists. For example, spell points allow magic-users to cast spells above what they might normally be able to, but not always in ways they wanted. Then there's magic weapons. Sure, they exist, but they're rare and awe-inspiring, almost able to turn the tide of battle on their own. Same with various relics that lay hidden away in the dark places. And it's not just enemy knights you'll be fighting against, either. Creatures from British folklore such as the Knucker and Boggarts roam the land.

Scott Malthouse, creator of RotPL, said: "I've always been in love with folklore so it seemed fitting to create an homage to the myths of my country in a game. I wanted to wrap the game in a simple set of mechanics so it can be played right out of the box, as it were. That's why monsters have only one target number, which serves as a host of functions, making it easy for GMs to create NPCs and creatures on the fly."

You can pick up your copy now.