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Troll Lord Games Running Castles & Crusades Mythos Kickstarter

Castles & Crusades is looking to expand the information available to players with a trio of new codices. They've taken to Kickstarter in order to get that funding. And looking at the goal total and the pledges so far, it looks like they'll be able to get them made.

The three codices are: Germania, Slavorum, and Classicum. The Germania book takes a look at the myths and customs of ancient Germans (during the time of the Roman Empire or so). The Slavorum book gives us a peek into the people of Eastern and Southern Europe. Though rich in history and culture, this area is often overlooked (except for maybe a vampire myth here and there). Finally, Classicum brings us to the Greeks and puts them in context with contemporary Romans and Etruscans.

As I mentioned, the campaign is already very close to funding (if it hasn't already since time of posting), and still has 28 days left to go.