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Troll Lord Games Launches 5e Familiars Kickstarter

Are you familiar with familiars? If you've played a magic-user in a D&D game before, you probably are. My favorite familiar was a shocker lizard named Bitey. He was the familiar of a lightning mage I used to play back in the day. Good times. Now, obviously, a shocker lizard isn't among the "standard set" of familiars. And this was back in 3.5th edition. Well, now Troll Lord Games is helping to expand your Familiar options in 5th edition with their new book up on Kickstarter.

Though the book is more than just a list of special types of toads that can sit on your shoulder while you cast spells. There's also animal companions for you nature-types. What's that? You're playing a fighter and you want an animal companion, too? Well, now you can have one, too, with the rules from this book. Creatures both magical and mundane are available to bring along on your dangerous missions.

The Kickstarter campaign is just underway and is set to go for another 35 days.