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Troll Forged Miniatures Kickstarter hits goal #5

Troll Forged Miniatures keeps rolling through the stretch goals, making it through #5.

From the update:

Our Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter has hit $24,000! Unlocking the massive Alien Fiend.

The Fiend can be added to pledges for $20. This monster is even more alien than the rest a pure prehistoric beast. Some grubs grow beyond that of the wyrm and become fiends. 5-6 inches tall.

Host pledge level will get a free Queen and 3 more Swarm Adults. Swarm pledge level will get a free Alien Wyrm and 5 more grub. While Queen pledge level will get a free fiend and 2 more flyers.

Also at this stage the Host pledge level have the option to replace all their plain slotta bases with decorative bases for $25, Swarm pledge level can do the same for $30, and Queen pledge level for $35. That will be a ton of extra bases cheaper than the base pledges.