Troll Forged announce Trollcast plastic figures

By tgn_admin
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Jun 28th, 2011

Trollcast plasticTroll Forged Miniatures will soon be selling their first plastic figures.

From their announcement:

Ed has put the finishing touches to ‘Trollcast’ a new spin castable plastic – a hard (80D) custom mix containing high impact polystyrene. It is much harder, and tougher, than resin. Heat resistant up to 200F, and can handle prolonged exposure at 150F (so our Australian friends should not have any problems during the summer). It can be super-glued together, and takes standard miniature paints.

  • wittdooley

    So… after watching the video I’ve got two comments:

    1–The detail on the minis is passable. They remind me more of Fantasy Flight Games style miniatures for a boardgame more than miniatures for a wargame, and I think they’ll make great proxies as such.

    2–Apparently it isn’t just GW that has problems with bubbles in molds. While the QC at GW should have been better for their initial Finecast release, it’s pretty clear based on the vid that if one meticulous guy can’t get perfect casts every time (and there are some major flaws on a few of those) then it would stand to reason the same could be said at GW. Should they have gone out? Probably not. Do the issues happen elsewhere? Obviously.

    • trollforged

      Ok, lets get this straight. This and these are “test” casts. Those are not bubbles but holes in the loin cloth, and this was a test from a metal figure, not a product that is made direct from a master. This is why I am still running tests on this. There are way fewer bubbles for one that finecast and it’s not even perfected yet. I have one final test this weekend and just got the viscosity maxed now. Bubbles will be eliminated.

      Also nothing I ever send out has issues like I’ve seen from the finecast and never will. Unless you have actually bought one of my product, which I doubt you have, I don’t believe you would not have made this remark. Just clearing things up a bit for you. Wait for the finished test before making a judgement would you. 🙂

  • Dead Kennedy

    Right on! That’s a pretty daring move for a smaller outfit like Trollforged. I hope it pays off big time.

  • Well, this looks brilliant, Im on board! Could be a revolutionary invention from the ever talented Ed. Will be looking forward to seeing how much this costs and if he will share the mixture and techniques!