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Troglodytes Army Deal For Godslayer Available From Megalith Games

Sometimes you want to just jump into a whole army at once. None of this, "just get a single unit and see how it goes" sort of thing. You jump in, head-first into the deep end. Well, that's what you can do with the Troglodytes faction for Godslayer, as Megalith Games is running a special whole-army deal in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Grab your sword and Sandals for some epic skirmish gaming in the bronze-age fantasy world of Godslayer!

Troglodytes are Godslayers Trolls faction, which is the faction of elemental Shadow. Visually they are based on steppe tribes, so Mongol-Trolls.

Now you can get binge on an entire faction of Troglodytes in a single deal.

When ordering any army deal, we are throwing in a free Godslayer wall-map, poster, Godslayer dice and templates.

Most of these minis in the Troglodytes dea TROLLSl are 45-90mm tall.