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Triptych: Anything vs. Everything

Talking Cartoon Rabbits has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Triptych, their game of Anything vs. Everything.


From the campaign:

Based on a simple system of adding card values, Triptych is a non-arbitrary way for 2 to 5 players to assemble teams of anything (and everything) they're interested in, then compete against each other. Wreak havoc with fictional villains, empower yourself ideologically with great leaders of history, the possibilities for amusing cross-cultural interaction are limitless.

In addition to over 50 cards by Alex Robinson, and several pieces of classic portraiture, Triptych has commissioned many cards from a host of celebrity artists, including: John Kovalic, Mike Dubisch, Eric Orchard, J. K. Wodward, Gene Yang, and many more.