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Tripods & Triplanes to launch on Kickstarter on November 28th

Ares Games, making of Wings of Glory, is looking to inject a little H.G. Welles into their game. They have announced that they are going to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Tripods and Triplanes. It tells the tale of what would happen if the Martians had really invaded while the world was busy embroiled in WWI.

From the announcement:

Ares Games announces a new crowdfunding campaign to release a new SF “spin-off” of Wings of Glory: Tripods & Triplanes will bring the Martian invasion described by H.G. Wells in his novel ‘The War of the Worlds’ to the Wings of Glory game, merging it with the historical background of the Great War. The project will launch on Kickstarter on November 28th at 03:00 PM CET (02:00 PM UTC/GMT)

In Wings of Glory - Tripods & Triplanes, the knights of the air battle against colossal fighting machines sent by the Martians to invade Earth. The game is designed by Andrea Angiolino (Wings of Glory/Sails of Glory), Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi (War of the Ring, Age of Conan Strategy Board Game). Players will take control of an awesome Martian Tripod, set upon bringing death and destruction on our planet, or fly on the most advanced flying machines created by Mankind during World War One, and try to use them to win the War of the Worlds.

The game is fully compatible with the WW1 Wings of Glory game line. Wings of Glory is a best-selling game that recreates aerial combat during the WWI and WWII. The game system includes game sets, additional packs with different aircraft to play, and accessories.