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Trilaterum Sci-Fi Minis Game Now Available

One of the big stories lately in the news is that there could be an Earth-like planet only 4 light years away from us. It's great to think of possibly going and visiting those places someday. Well, in Trilaterum, that's just what humanity has done. We've reached out for the stars and started to colonize. However, much like Columbus, we realized that we weren't always the first sentient group to end up someplace. Many alien species exist out there. And, well, miscommunication and such has, unfortunately, led to war. That's the story behind Trilaterum, a new sci-fi game that's available now.

While the system is based on the Star Armour line of 15mm figures, it's open enough that you can use whatever figures you want. The game uses integrated turns, D8s, and a unique firing system to play out the conflicts on worlds all across the galaxy. Players will have large armies, company level and so forth, using stands of troopers. As stands take hits, they'll become less effective on the battlefield until they're finally removed.

You can get both an electronic, as well as a "real" copy of the rulebook.