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Trident Realms Available For Pre-Order

There's a lot of things that live out in the ocean. Whales, fish, squid, whale-fish-squid-men... It's that last group that you should really worry about the most. But if you can take control of those fierce fighters, you can not only control the waves, but potentially the land, too. But how hard would it be to take over such a group? Actually, pretty easy. Mantic is taking pre-orders now for the Trident Realms forces for Kings of War.

There are two different army sets depending on how much you want to... *cough* dive in to the new army. There's a starter army deal and a mega army deal. There's some different figures in each one, so if you really wanted to go crazy, you could get both and get basically everything for the force.

Orders are being taken now. Shipping will start out on the 10th of February.

Starter Army
Mega Army