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Tricorn Games Launches Go Fish Fitness Card Game Kickstarter

I sit at a desk all day, typing up these news stories for you, as well as doing other various bits of writing/editing. I have the body of someone who sits all day. I really should get up and move more often. Well, Tricorn Games has launched a Kickstarter for Go Fish Fitness. They say it's a game for making sure kids stay active, even while doing indoor activities like gaming, but it wouldn't hurt if I did some leg-lifts or jumping jacks, myself.

From the campaign:

Go Fish Fitness is a beautifully illustrated card game for kids that incorporates physical activity to help break those winter blues! We hope you will join us by supporting this project and help us with our vision of bringing more fun and exercise to kids everywhere. Keeping fit is about incorporating exercise into everyday life in ways both big and small. In the age of electronic entertainment, Go Fish Fitness is one small way to help keep kids active and healthy!

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 28 days.