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Triad the Game up now on Kickstarter

Triad is three games in one (as the name might suggest). It's a bit RPG, a bit Chess and a bit general board game.


From the campaign:

Triad the Game is actually three games in one! Triad the Board Game is a fast paced new game that allows 2-9 players to play a "Fey" patron that runs an entire Triad of heroes as they search for the "Gem of Ohma". There are battles and adventures a plenty in this game that is fun for the whole family ages 6 and up! (This game has many FREE downloads that you can print in a variety of ways. Including a single 33 x 34 inch map, or as 6 11x17 inch map pieces. There are also 12 11x17 inch Battle Grids and "Adventure" and "Treasure" cards that you print using Avery Template 8371 and matching card stock.)

Triad Chess is a three way chess game that can be played in two ways… as a strategy game like regular chess where you move into your opponent's space and remove the piece, replacing it with your own. And as a Battle Chess game where the two pieces go to the battle circle, and only the victor returns to the space that was contested. This changes the strategy as you go. The fact that there are three players makes the game very intriguing and difficult. Developed to be played with counters or 25 mm figures, this game takes one 11x 17 board FREE download that you need to print.