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Trench Relaunches on Kickstarter

Not to say that I like when I see Kickstarters not do well, by any stretch. But I am heartened when I see a campaign that was struggling look at making a fresh start, reconfigure some, and get back into the swing of things with a new campaign that does just fantastically well. Outer Limit Games redid their Kickstarter campaign for Trench, making it much easier to see what you're getting, and relaunched. This new campaign funded in just 3 hours.

About the campaign:

TRENCH has relaunched on Kickstarter with a cleaner, more streamlined campaign, and was funded within 3 hours. While it's considered an abstract game, it embodies rich strategy and thematic depth. The mechanics are centered around the pieces which reflect the different military ranks; General, Colonel, Captain, Sergeant, and Soldier.

The 8x8 grid board is diamond-shaped; each player sets up his army on opposing sides of the "trench", which divides the board into two. As hostilities between the armies commanded by the players grow, each attempts to seize control over the trench in order to take full advantage of its strategic potential, hoping thus to breach the opponent's defenses and capture the most valuable and important pieces.

From the Soldiers to the General, each piece being subject to specific maneuvers all will have to cooperate in order to occupy the trench, invade the enemy's territory, and vanquish the foe. The army that manages to survive after two battles wins the game!

The game is up on Kickstarter now and has already passed its funding goal. You've got 16 more days to get in on the action.