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Treaty of Champions, A New Hero and Monster Pack Coming For Descent

While a lot of the focus on Fantasy Flight Games might be for their various Star Wars properties, that doesn't mean they're not working hard on everything they make. They have just put up a new preview for Treaty of Champions, their seventh Hero and Monster collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark. If you prefer your adventure board games more fantasy than sci-fi, you may want to check out what you can expect from this set.


Many of the fourteen figures in this set were originally released for the first edition of Descent. But now, if you missed out on that set (or just need the updated cards), they are now getting an update. Of course, this isn't entirely a re-release. There are the new crow hags, which haven't been in Descent before.

Of course, more than just minis and stat cards, there are four new quests included in the set, giving you more ways to play Descent.

This set will be available 4th quarter 2015, so just a couple months and they should be out.