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TrapStreet Studios launches Kickstarter to fund Calamus, the tabletop RPG helper app

StrapStreet Studios knows it can be a pain to keep track of everything you need in a tabletop RPG, so they've come up with an app to help and are looking for some funding for it.

From the campaign:

The Calamus is a smart phone app for iOS, Android and the desktop. Our hope is that it can be a companion for your tabletop gaming experience, with the ability to selectively replace the need for almost all physical materials in the game. It provides a rich and engaging digital experience, whether you're playing with friends around the table or around the world.

The app will allow users to create large maps out of hundreds of different tiles; create PC, NPC and enemy tokens, rife with custom abilities, skills and equipment; set play order and status effects; and generally keep all pertinent information just a tap away. Game masters can host games and allow their friends to connect and interact with the setting in real-time. The app is designed not as a stand-alone game, but as a tool to support your RPG sessions. The manual input of hit points and other stats doesn't lock you into any set rules and allows for flexibility of play.