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Trapdoor To Create Comprehensive Pathfinder RPG Companion App

There's a lot of "moving parts" when it comes to running an RPG. You've got all the stats for the players to keep track of. You've got all the various monsters you might be throwing at them. There's all the NPCs going around. There's the adventure to keep track of and whatever notes you might have. It can get overwhelming. Well, the folks over at Trapdoor have teamed up with the folks at Paizo in order to make running a Pathfinder game all the much easier by creating a companion app.

The app will allow players to create and maintain characters, GMs to prep adventures, and integrate rules searching, information sharing, and statistics tracking. Basically all the stuff you used to have to do with a pencil and a couple stacks of paper. There's a preliminary version available, with a more comprehensive one with Pathfinder's full rules coming soon.