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Trapdoor Technologies running Codename: Morningstar RPG app Kickstarter

Trapdoor Technologies is running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Codename: Morningstar, their RPG game-aid application. DMs can use it to create adventures (even purchase pre-made ones from potentially thousands of developers). Players can use it to help create their characters and manage their character's progression, with links to full rules for whatever spell/ability they may be using. And entire gaming groups can link their tablets/phones together during play to help speed other things along.

The campaign is running for another 25 days if you're interested in getting in on the action.


From the campaign:

Our project, provisionally titled Codename: Morningstar, is a cloud-based software application that does all this and more. The application is centered around a simple PRD ruleset, and backed by an ever-growing library of tabletop content including hundreds of adventures, campaigns, and other reference materials from independent publishers.

The First Six Modules.

The first release of Morningstar, launching in April 2015, will feature six modules that unlock the potential of tabletop roleplaying by immersing players in the storytelling aspects rather than in bookkeeping and rules checking.

Players will be able to quickly create and manage characters, track the progress of their adventures, send secret messages, roll virtual dice and more. GM’s will be able to manage adventures, track encounters, share maps and notes as well as organize large scale campaigns all through a cleverly designed mobile interface.

Most importantly, our Library will be packed full of purchasable content written and submitted by homebrew and indie authors.

The Seventh Module.

But this only scratches the surface of what we have planned for Codename Morningstar. In July 2015, we will release our seventh module, which we call “The Forge”. Through the Forge, Game Designers can create adventures and campaigns, share them with their friends or publish them in our Library for the entire world to enjoy.