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Trans-Dimensional Pizza, a new game from Quick and Easy Games

Quick and Easy Games has a new game for you. This one's Trans-Dimensional Pizza.
Which sounds a lot like something the guys over at The Whiteboard webcomic would come up with.

From the release:

Have you ever considered TRANS-DIMENSIONAL PIZZA for your summer job? Sure, it’s minimum wage and the hours suck, but you get to meet some really interesting people. Like the time we delivered to Mordor…

Since the beginning of gamer time,game folks have been ordering out pizza to be delivered to their group. But isn’t that a bit selfish? What about our poor characters that are doing all the hard work? Wouldn’t it be great if they could order a pizza, and have it arrive just as the evil wizard is about to reveal his plans. Face it, it would be awesome!

In Trans-Dimensional Pizza, your party is a bunch of misfit students at Trans-D University. The university is in the heart of the multiverse, so your delivery team is made up of space hustlers, vampires and vikings, whatever! You have 15 minutes (by the GM’s watch) to make each delivery, or it’s free.

Customers place orders by any way imaginable: telephone, telegraph, telepathy, crystal ball, sub space beacon. They can be anyone, from anywhere and of any when They pay in whatever currency is they have: Republic credits, plutonium chips, slaves…and some of them don’t tip. The inter-dimensional portal is behind the dumpster and can take you from Vulcan, to the Emerald City, to a dragon’s lair. But whatever perils you may face, whatever dangers come your way remember; you have to deliver the pizza to someone in 15 minutes, or it’s free…and that comes out of your pay.