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Toy Vault Releases Starship Merchants

Toy Vault release a new board game, Starship Merchants:

From their post:

Toy Vault, Inc., with the combined creative talents of two respected game designers—Tom Lehmann (Race for the Galaxy) and Joseph Huber—proudly take you to new worlds of excitement and fortune in their exciting new board game, 'Starship Merchants'! Two thousand years into the future, planets and stars - at one time only glimpsed at through a telescope - are now being vastly colonized. The universe is peaceful and flourishing and now it is your turn to earn your share of the prosperity as a Starship Merchant!

Precious resources are needed to sustain life on the previously uninhabited alien terrains. The mineral Ice-9 facilitates the flow of life-giving water on the desolate planets and is needed for sustained terraforming. Crystallized cobalt, strong and resistant to extreme pressure, is an invaluable material for erecting buildings and giving rise to cities in the new lands. And even a single chunk of Deuterium can power a growing metropolis for a month!

These crucial resources are ripe for the picking and just waiting for you to find and mine them. At your disposal are a colorful 16” x 16” game board, over 75 cards (including 20 starships, 18 unique destinations, and 11 individual pilot licenses), 16 ship console player mats, 8 plastic rocket ship player pawns, 150 distinct tokens (for your gear and the resources you mine), and much more!

As an intergalactic entrepreneur, you must choose wisely the tools and strategies that will enable you to beat your competitors. What will benefit you the most: the fastest ship in the sector or the best pilot in the star system? Should you purchase the latest state-of-the-art gadgets or invest in planetary refineries to help pay off your accumulating debt?

The universe is a treasure mine calling you to adventure! Grab your helmet, suit up, and get ready to have a blast with 'Starship Merchants'!