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Toy Vault Announces Outlander: Destiny Dice Game

I guess if you happen to be a nurse during WWII, being thrown back in time to 1743 might not be so bad. Sure, you don't have "modern" conveniences anymore, but hey... no Hitler. That's gotta be a trade-up, right? Well, you can find out what it's like for Claire Randall, who had that sort of thing happen to her in the Outlander series of books, as well as the television show. Soon you'll even be able to find out what it's like on your gaming table, as Toy Vault has announced they'll be coming out with Outlander: Destiny Dice next year.


In the game, players will be looking to be the one to bring Claire and her love interest, Jamie Fraser. They'll do this by rolling the 6 oversized dice, looking to roll those two characters. However, dark characters like Black Jack Randall and Laoghaire MacKenzie can ruin your roll. But if you roll Jenny or Dougal, it might still salvage things. Add in the 40 Action cards and you've got yourself a game.

You can expect Outlander: Destiny Dice to hit store shelves early in 2017.