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Toy Rocket Games Releases Sea of Stars Primer

Toy Rocket games will be coming out with the full version of their sci-fi RPG, Sea of Stars, next year. But in order to build hype and get people excited about the system and setting, they've released a Light version of it that's got just the core mechanics for the game in it. You can give them a test run and see what you think.

From the page:

Pirates, smugglers, mercs and... politicians!

13 million million cubic light years, 1/3 of the galaxy, seven races, no major military conflicts, and still we find ways to fight. The Galactic Republic of Civilizations tries its best to keep all of us in line, but someone always wants what someone else has. Whether it is data, power, or just plain currency. Those who have what other’s crave fight just as hard to keep it. Even the GRC isn’t blameless; nor the Core governments or the Fringe.

Sea of Stars Light is a text heavy, rules light version of the full book, coming in 2018. This version will get you and your party into the galaxy quick. Experience the unique Identity Generations system and the sprawling setting. Remember...
Peace is relative.
Conflict is constant.
Your course will be choppy in this Sea of Stars.